Zertifizierter Börsenhändler Eurex
Please note that this product is not provided any more.
This Certificate Program trains participants in derivatives trading completely. It qualifies you for trading on Eurex, one of the world's leading derivatives exchanges.

By attending the program and passing the final examination, participants gain the professional knowledge and practical experience required for admission to exchange trading at Eurex.

This course takes place in Eschborn/Frankfurt and is held in German. For a detailed description please change the language of this webpage in to German or have a look on the brochure "Zertifizierter Börsenhändler Eurex".

We offer this course in English in London and in Zurich. This course is called Trading Derivatives is also accredited by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and gives you entrance to the U.K. derivatives market.

  Type: Training Course

Target Group: The certificate programme is aimed at new staff members of derivatives trading desks in banks and trading firms, as well as private investors and students with appropriate previous experience.

Requirements: Participants should have some understanding of derivative products. It is very important to know and be able to identify the four basic options positions. Preparation materials will be distributed prior to to the start of the course.