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To get an admission as a trader at Frankfurt Stock Exchange, professional qualification according to the Admission Regulation must be presented. Professional qualification can be proven, as well as by other means, by passing the FWB Trader exam (expertise) and participate in a system training (practical knowledge). For further details please refer to the Admission Regulations for Exchange Traders at Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse.

Here you will find all examination dates and the question catalogue necessary to prepare for the exam.

If you book both (online system training and exam) we advise to work through the online system training first and the exam afterwards. With this sequence the exam questions in the “catalogue of questions“ are easier to understand.

Please note that the registration for the FWB trader examination is only possible by using the “Electronic eXchange Admission Serivce (eXAS)“ in the Member Section.

We would like to point out to you that according to the Admission Regulations for Exchange Traders at Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse only a person who has already applied for admission as a trader is allowed to sit the trader examination.

Xetra/Börse Frankfurt Online System Training

Successful participation in the online training serves as proof of the necessary practical knowledge required for admission to FWB. The focus of the training is a combination of the presentation of market models and functional aspects. After booking you get 4 weeks time to work through the online training.

Details and booking

FWB Trader Examination


The expertise required as proof of professional qualification is gained by passing the FWB trader examination. The complete catalogue of questions for the preparation can be found below. Please note that we have published a modified question catalogue (July 2019) which is valid for all exams held on 15 July and later. Details

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