Admission Trading / Clearing

On behalf of the authorities, we ensure the further development and certification of trader examinations for the public institutions Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (FWB®, the Frankfurt Stock Exchange) and Eurex Germany.

In order to be admitted as a trader, Qualified Back Office Staff (QBS) or Qualified Back Office Employee by a stock exchange member, certain admission requirements must be fulfilled regarding to the regulations of the relevant exchange or clearing house.

Please note that the registration for the FWB and Eurex trader examination is only possible by using the Electronic “eXchange Admission Service (eXAS)“ in the Member Section.

Admission Trading: Eurex Trader, FWB Trader
Eurex Exchange MemberFWB Exchange MemberEverybody



Preparation material

Preparation material

Eurex trader examination

FWB trader examination

Certified Derivatives Trader

Eurex Online System Training

Xetra/Börse Frankfurt Online System Training

Admission Clearing: Qualifed Clearing Staff (QCS) or Qualifed Back Office Staff (QBO)

Qualification for staff member

The Clearer Test and the Back Office Test are offered only as online exam after individual arrangement.


Clearer Test

Back Office Test

in seminar:

Core Clearing Knowledge

Transaction Management Listed Derivatives

Confirmation of Compliance Officer:

Compliance Officer of the Clearing Member confirms the respective knowledge

Compliance Officer of the Non-Clearing Member confirms the respective knowledge

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